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Lead Career.
Send talent to the company, 
give people a chance

We grow with our customers.

We will be a stepping stone company.

CEO. Kim Min Soung

A company that recommends the best talent in a timely manner!

LeadCareer can quickly find talented talent through collaboration with leading Polish employment portals and recruitment agencies. A professional HR outsourcing manager is ready to systematically establish collaborative relationships to recommend talent in a timely manner.

Legitimate HR Outsourcing Service!

Recently, the government and labor unions have been discussing the legality of HR outsourcing. The legitimate introduction of HR Outsourcing in the future will be indispensable. LeadCareer will fulfill its responsibility for legal introduction and management of HR Outsourcing. In addition, we will help our clients' human resources management strategy with professional labor management through various channels.

Environment in which people and businesses grow together!

A company's competitiveness comes from well trained talent. Lead Career Co., Ltd. regards talent as an internal customer of the company. Through our own welfare fund for talented people, we will carry out a practical welfare benefit policy that can run with talented people. The investment of LeadCareer talents will enable talent to develop on their own, which will be the driving force of enterprise development.

Thank you.